What makes The Florence Residences different?

The Florence Residences has a multi-purpose conference room can accommodate more than 100 people and is equipped with advanced modern equipment meeting is held in the Board of Directors, product conference, the annual meeting, press conference, the ideal space for business meetings. Restaurant, bar, gym and you are visiting, making friends, and sports entertainment. Underground garage provides ample parking, easy parking.

The Florence Residence Suites unique green garden, unique. Leisure, you can walk through them, natural garden, he could feel the breath of fresh air and light, so that you stay away from the urgency of the hotel-style accommodation environment. Green hotel, you feel different from the extraordinary.

Elegant residential environment, strategic location and reasonable price, is negotiating for the business and tourist accommodation of choice.¬†You can walk for 10 minutes in the pool than the world’s top fashion brand shopping centers, many in the leisure and entertainment facilities around the world set the essence of the flavor of a restaurant, Commercial City East, prosperous place to enjoy.


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