What Is Utility Locating?

Utility Locating is an important underground utility risk control practice for all surface excavation. Ground surface utility locating, also called trench utility finding or utility locating, is required prior to the beginning of excavation on a construction project to: Prevent underground utility damage. Utility locating is not limited to underground excavation but can be used on the surface as well. This practice involves locating a buried utility line. When locating a buried utility line, there are several common utilities that are commonly used to locate utility lines such as telephone, gas, water, and electrical. These utilities can often be identified by their color codes and the fact that they are typically located close to their primary service points.

Utility locating service – AnĀ important underground utility risk control practice for all surface excavation

Utility locating service can be performed by either a contractor or a surveyor, with some of these services being provided by other companies such as: A Line Corporation, Inc. (ALCO); Atlantic Drainage & Sewer; and U.S. Utility & Survey Company. These companies specialize in providing excavation and ground surface utility locating services. Utility locating is a very time consuming and labor intensive process. Therefore it is recommended that companies hire a professional underground utility locating service to expedite this process. This process will also greatly improve the safety of your excavation by making sure you locate your underground utilities properly so they do not pose a hazard to your site workers or to the general public.

There are several things to consider when utilizing this service. First of all, if you locate your utility buried under the soil, it is crucial that the utility is located just beneath the soil’s surface. Failure to locate utilities properly can result in possible utility failure, leaking gas or water lines, and even an explosion. Also, it is very important to make sure that you have a surveyor to do the utility locating service. In fact, having a professional utility locating service should always be a top priority whenever you’re planning an excavation project because utility locating is such an important part of any excavation project.