We buy houses Central California

Neighbors often ask me what they should do in the event they to live with other family members, because they are aging and somewhat concerned about caring for themselves as they head into the future. They had concerns that if they had to sell their house quickly to make the move, they wouldn’t know how to handle it. Living in my own home for many years now, my neighbors know that I’m a real estate investor, buying and selling houses as my business. So they felt safe asking me, “We buy houses Central California

Selling a personal residence is not the same as selling investment properties, although there are some similarities. Whenever we sell our house, the residence where we live, it means we will have to move out. This probably sounds ridiculously obvious, but it represents the most significant difference between selling a personal residence as opposed to an investment property. It’s somewhat overwhelming to pack up and move out, that’s a given, and it is the most significant different between selling the two types of properties.



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