Tree Falling 101

Tree felling is the process of removing one or more trees. The person performing the tree felling is called a feller, which can also be referred to as an axeman. In some cases, the axe that is used is mounted on the tree and the person who does the felling uses a pole. It is important to use the correct equipment when using an axe in the felling of trees. Some individuals call the axe used in tree felling a ‘scraper’. Other people call it a ‘pearly axe’. Most individuals who do tree felling use either the claw hammer, a log saw or a tree stump chipper.

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While doing tree felling, it is very important to do this correctly. When a feller removes a tree, it is important to not only use the correct equipment but the proper procedure. Tree felling can be done with no preparation, which is illegal. Some trees need to be cut at a certain angle, some trees need to be pruned, while some trees simply need to be felled.

This is why the procedures and equipment used are very important. A feller will typically work from two or three different locations. The first location is where they are most comfortable working.

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