Top keywords for real estate investors

have you ever wondered what SEO professionals out there may possibly avoid? many who have helped the top websites and online businesses create huge profits still may shy away from certain keywords because they know that there has been a ton of work optimizing the websites who are currently ranking in the top 10 for those searches. what are those keywords? well, a search marketing specialist the midwest decided to have a little fun and try to find them with a tool that one of the leading SEO companies in the industry has created to identify the most difficult terms to rank. he punched in a number of keywords (note: these are single terms, not multiple like “real estate” in contrast to “house”) and created a list here. the top 10 from his list were:

Top keywords for real estate investors however, since he was having fun, he probably didn’t spend a lot of time on the list & just brainstormed the ones that were obvious. well, i just thought i’d try to think of a few more and found about 103 extra terms and did the same thing with my pro membership at SEOmoz. after the recalculations, i found a bit different list: adjusted most difficult keyword list the additions are highlighted & in bold. i also found a number of other keywords that could of invaded his top 25 list and actually even found a number of his top 25 ranking as low as 68 and 69 instead. a few of the search terms not in the top 25 he found were: sports, music, science, phone, job & jobs, encyclopedia, shopping, tv, and channel. including his terms, that rounded off about 30 on my list. so far, i’ve collected about 128 total terms, but will hopefully find more. why do this? it was definitely not to show this guy up who we applaud in actually reminding us of something we wanted to do a while back. actually, it was so we realize what are bigger challenges right away and not just assume something is easy to do for someone who wants to achieve high rankings for a particular keyword and our gut says it’s o.k.


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