I’m no¬†Angelo Cataldi. In fact, I am one of those nerdly girls who know about
nothing concerning the sports of baseball and football, but I have something to

Didjall SEE what went ON last night?!?!?? AWESOME!!!

Let’s just say that history was made by our favorite underdog team (who maybe
won’t be underdogs anymore? dare I say… in case the bad luck fairies are
listening… photo photo!) anyway, HISTORY, when the¬†COLTS made three
touchdowns in under four minutes! Unheard of!

For anyone that doesn’t know, the Colts are Seth’s TEAM. Whenever they win
or lose it is always related to some small thing that he (or I, or Moj) did, and
we either get to feel proud or ashamed of ourselves for playing our part in the
Colts game. Seth revealed to me last night, only AFTER the game, that he had
dreamed not once, but FIVE times of the Colts game before it happened last
night, and that Peyton Manning had been amazing in every single dream.
Seth’s dreams, no doubt, and his ability to not spill the beans, did their part to
help the Colts kick it.

Seth would have spontaneously combusted if he had been in Tampa!
Combusted! Watching a football game with my husband is one of my favorite
things to do– someday we are going to get out to a live COLTS game and he
will keep me warm as he bursts into flames…

So we watched, and were amazed by the greatness of Peyton Manning and
Marvin Harrison. On our huge screen TV, we could see the faces, the
determined eyes, of these men who decided to fight defeat with calmness and
precision– and it was a beautiful thing. I wish I was more of a sports person
so that I could really understand everything that went on, but as it was with my
limited understanding, I witnessed (through my TV– I would have COMBUSTED)
teamwork, and football, at their most glorious…

Autumn and spring are the times to fall in love, I think, and I love the COLTS!
…and my crazy husband.


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