Record Sealing Las Vegas

Record Sealing Las Vegas is a service created by defense attorney to brighten the futures of those with a criminal record in Las Vegas. After the required waiting period, past convictions can be officially sealed (expunged) so background checks come back clear.

A problem solving approach
Clients come to us because a criminal record is holding them back in life. A new job, home loan, college application – background checks arise in many situations. We do more than seal records.  We tailor our services to resolve specific, real-life problems quickly and economically.

Immediate relief
Even after the waiting period is over, getting a record sealed can take time in Las Vegas’s busy court system. To address this problem, we routinely contact potential employers on behalf of our clients. We explain that the expungement process is underway, and that in the meantime, the conviction should not be viewed as a negative factor.

Complete resolution
After a record has been sealed, we make sure the Judge’s order is properly
distributed and recognized. This important last step ensures background check
problems are solved for good.

The future is bright Las Vegas!
The current state of the economy in Las Vegas can be discouraging – especially for
jobseekers with a criminal record. Fortunately our state has laws that allow past
convictions to be removed from public access. Take advantage! Contact
us to find out if you qualify.


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