Professional Removals Blackpool

To avoid unnecessary hassle one day before moving, we have made a list with all the important tasks. With us there is no stress. Just print our a hard copy and tick each task when it is done. This way you will not forget anything. Moving can be easy when well planned!

Professional Removals Blackpool

These few steps may help you making your moving easier. If you use the following advice, you will probably avoid mistakes that would cause unnecessary trouble.

Check well the moving company you are planning to book the removal with.
Find some information about the moving company you are planning to hire. Website is a good source of information as it states all contact details and all the details about services provided. You might also wish to read the testimonials of previous customers.
Ask the moving company to provide written confirmation of service you have booked. It may be an email or letter, so that you can familiarise yourself with terms and conditions before the job.

Make sure you understand the moving costs.
Check what is included in the quote, if there are any hidden costs and if the service covers everything you need to be done.

Ask what equipment there are using..
Removal companies have different strategies and different equipment in their vehicles. It may occur that you need a special rope to lift your sofa or many little items you need to transport in special trolley. Ask the company in advance if they carry in the removal vehicles what you need. It may occur that you have to order a special piece of equipment in advance, because the movers do not use it on regular basis.


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