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MyJar Alternative for you – By now, we’re used to seeing adverts about “this one trick that makes you $1,000 a day.” Most of the time these adverts are harmless enough. But often, they are an attempt to fraudulently acquire your cash. Most people are getting savvy about this and just ignore it.

Now the confidence artists are trying more subtle ways to manipulate you and get at your money. As a result, it’s more important than ever that we become educated about the schemes that are out there. And how they can potentially derail your family’s finances.


MyJar Alternative

Thanks to the advent of better communication and viral marketing, pyramid schemes are still going strong. Despite the infamous example of Charles Ponzi, who conned investors out of $20 million dollars in the 1920s, schemes still exist.

Pyramid schemes rely on continuously generating new business to support the returns for people further up the chain. Early investors often see a significant return as they drag more and more people into the pyramid. The only way for the pyramid to survive is if more people are added to the bottom rungs. However, the rate at which they need to be added to keep the operation solvent grows exponentially. Eventually, for the scheme to survive, more people need to come in MyJar Alternatives.


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