Looking for bollards for building security?

Bollards serve many purposes when placed on your property—but using bollards for building security and pedestrian traffic control. The rugged exterior, durability and sophistication can make bollards perfect for security barriers where there is a desire to maintain aesthetic appeal. They come in a variety of color and texture options; therefore, regardless how your property is designed, our barrier bollards are sure to match. Serving the same purpose as our barrier bollards; the round design of our ball bollards sets them apart from the rest. The steel-enforced frame provides the integrity needed to withstand against outdoor elements and their attractive round design also makes them a welcome addition to any setting. Our aluminum bollards are built from corrosion-resistant cast aluminum. As a lighter alternative to concrete bollards, the aluminum bollards are excellent for protecting areas from pedestrian and vehicular traffic, and can also be used to create pathways. They are finished in a powder coating that is brighter, smoother, and longer-lasting than finishes applied with wet paint.


Bollards are excellent for protecting areas from pedestrian and vehicular traffic, and can also be used to create pathways and directionals. These cast aluminum bollards are fabricated from durable, corrosion-resistan.

Bollard Covers – Bollard Sleeves

Bollard covers or sleeves make it so you’ll never have to paint again! Available in 5 different sizes, our bollard covers slid over most pole shaped bollards. These bollard sleeves will not rust and the ultraviolet-resistant sleeve can withstand extreme temperature. The covers also lighten impact in the even of a collision with the bollard. With multiple combinations of pole cover and strip colors, you are sure to find the exact bollard cover to suite your needs.

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