Finding New Braunfels cleaning and restoration?

We at New Braunfels cleaning and restoration use the most advanced and powerful machines available along with a massive range of tried-and-tested treatments that work and that are safe for children and pets.

When it comes to providing the deepest and most thorough carpet cleaning available today, we’re second to none!


Whether it’s coffee stains on the carpet, mud, wine, urine & even pet stains and bad odors to mention a few; our New Braunfels cleaning and restoration specialist can and do get rid of most if not all those engrained stains and bad odors. Leaving your home or office fresher, cleaner and healthier place to live and work in.

To get a carpet clean, it takes much more than just fancy equipment and powerful cleaning products. You also need to have knowledge of soil suspension. Soil refers to any contaminants which might be in a surface, such as dirt, dust, oil, or pet urine. Soil suspension is the process of destroying the bonds between soil and carpet fibers. The soil can then dissolve into water. If soil suspension is not achieved, then it will be impossible to remove the complete soil load in a carpet. The surface may appear clean but carpet fibers are still laden with contaminants.

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