Basic Techniques Used in Painting

Basic Techniques Used in Painting

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Paint painting is the process of applying paint, liquid pigment, or any other medium onto a bare surface. The chosen medium is most often applied on the foundation with a brush, although other implements, including airbrushes, knives, sponges can also be used. Painting is typically done for interior or exterior decoration and is widely used for enhancing the aesthetics of a room.

Historically, painting had only very crude tools and methods. In order to decorate a room, a homemaker would either use stencils made of animal skins, which were rubbed in with oils, or apply painting on an earthenware vessel. The most prevalent method in early modern Europe was painting the walls. Painters used a palette, which contained different colors of paint that were melted into an amalgam of dark and light. Paler colors conveyed a lighter tone, while darker ones conveyed a deeper, richer look.

In Western Europe, the process of painting progressed from the 16th century onward with the advent of new inventions such as the kiln, which was used to speed up the drying of materials. These new technologies allowed palettes to be filled with different colors of oil. This process gave painting a more realistic look, since oil paintings could now be shown outdoors, unlike the earlier forms of artwork. A particular style became popular in the Netherlands and became known as the Dutch style. This style relied on natural materials like moss, leaves, and sea shells for its subject matter.

After the Dutch style took hold, others started copying the style. Soon, the Dutch style faded away; today Dutch painting is a thing of the past. It is used more for decorative purposes than for actually painting the walls of a room. People have begun using abstract designs or abstract images for their art. Some painters even went as far as to ignore the tradition of painting and create paintings on pieces of canvas.

Others still use the Dutch painting techniques to create a painting that will either be hung on the wall or hung on a canvas. A painting can be made to serve as a conversation piece, a wall decoration, or a work of art. The work of the modern artist, therefore, depends on the medium used as well as the skill of the painter. He must be creative enough to think of new ideas and unique applications of the tools available.

One of the best ways to learn about painting techniques is to visit an art museum. If you are lucky enough to have a museum in your city, check out some of the paintings on display. Look at how masters used different mediums to produce great paintings. Even if you do not use an art medium, a trip to an art gallery will still give you a glimpse into the history of painting.


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