A Brief Overview of Form Boss and Garden Edging

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Form Boss and FormBoss – garden edging are two of the best-known brands of garden edging products in Australia. These are both steel products that are flexible and strong enough to be used around a wide range of plants and trees. Greenlines Garden Equipment in Victoria manufactures both fittings and landscape edging products. Both galvanized and record are offered by BlueScope Steel. They both guarantee the highest levels of edge retention and are also very resistant to rust and corrosion. This is good news for us gardeners as we know that our own gardens need to look good for years to come.

Choosing From the Various Types of Garden Edging

Form Boss has many years of experience in manufacturing garden edging materials such as straight lines, V-groove edging, spiral corners, tree boxes, bark strips, mulches, and rock borders. They are very proud of their product line and take great pride in producing garden edging products that last for many years. They believe that garden edging should be long-lasting, functional, attractive, and most importantly durable.

Form Boss has many years of experience in producing steel edging for garden and landscape applications. They are very innovative and progressive and pride themselves on the workmanship of all of their garden equipment. They are continually working on new designs and ideas for garden edging so that they can offer you the very best in cutting edge technology and design. They are constantly researching new ways of using steel and incorporating it into their designs for garden and landscape edging. This will ensure that you have the edge over your competitors in the market place.


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